Much More Than Full Service

Much More Than Full Service

Come rain, shine, snow, sleet, a global pandemic - whatever the weather, CO-OP® Gas Bars are here to serve you!

Our gas bars have provided respite for travellers across Western Canada for decades and are much loved and relied on by Co-op customers.

Throughout the Prairies into the mountains and over to the west coast, you’re sure to find a friendly, reliable Co-op Gas bar with a range of services to help you get to wherever you need to go.

Fill ‘Er Up

Whether you’re travelling near or far, Co-op is committed to providing extra service at no extra cost. Most locations across Western Canada provide full service at the pumps, usually with a smile! So sit back, relax and let us do the work.

All grades of Co-op gasoline are Top Tier Certified and are available at all Co-op Gas Bar locations in Western Canada.

But Co-op Gas Bars can offer more than just a full tank. Each location is unique and may offer value-added services such as windshield and window cleaning and oil checks.

Snacker’s Delight

As well as fuel services, Co-op Gas Bars have set a new standard for convenience store offerings. You’ll find everything you need for the road ahead, from tasty snacks and refreshing beverages to Canada’s cleanest gas station washrooms.

Co-operative Coffee is served at participating Co-op Gas Bars and Convenience Stores so you can fuel up your car and yourself at one of your stops along the road.

Top It Off

Along with fuel, food and beverage, and gleaming washrooms, select Co-op Gas Bars also offer services to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition.

Extreme weather can take a toll on your vehicle, which is why we offer touchless car washes at participating gas bars to help keep your car clean and protect it from the wear and tear of Canada’s harshest winters. Our touchless car washes include regular, premium and extreme wash, so you have options for the perfect wash for your car.

Some Co-op Gas Bars also offer propane tank exchange and air pumps.

Co-op Gas Bars are the ultimate one-stop-shop for all your road trip essentials, however long or short the journey. Pop into a gas bar on your way there, your way back and all the stops in between!

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