Make your day with Co-operative Coffee

Make your day with Co-operative Coffee

Fill your tank and your cup when you stop at your local Co-op Convenience Store or Gas Bar. Co-op is delivering its own premium brand of coffee to enjoy at home or on the go: Co-operative Coffee.

Our coffee isn’t co-operative in name only. It's a collaboration between Co-op, our master roaster who perfects the blends and our suppliers from around the world.

With 10 varieties from Central America, South America, Africa and Asia ranging from light roasts to dark, Co-operative Coffee offers exceptional coffee from sustainable sources. The beans are roasted in Western Canada exclusively for Co-op by our master roaster, who selects the best quality beans based on acidity, body, flavour and balance.

Co-operative Coffee is available at participating Co-op Convenience Stores and Gas Bars. Varieties include:

  • Breakfast Blend: Lightly roasted with low acidity and notes of caramel.
  • Colombia Blend: Caramel and apricot aromas, rich wine-like flavour with moderate acidity. It is also available in decaf.
  • French Roast: Heavy-bodied and bold in flavour, with smoky aroma and rich taste. It is also available in decaf.
  • Peru: Smoky aroma with dark chocolate and crisp sweetness using fair trade and organic beans.
  • Nicaragua: Herbal fragrances and subtle hints of honey and caramel using fair trade and organic beans.
  • Full City: Smoky and sweet with notes of dark chocolate and cloves using fair trade and organic beans from Central and South America.

Co-op C-Stores welcome your reusable travel mugs! We also have you covered when you’re on the go. Our high-quality cups and lids prevent leaks and spills on the road.

For those looking for other hot beverage options, Co-op offers hot chocolate, teas and hot cappuccinos.

On your next convenience store or gas bar visit, experience a fresh brew from Co-op.

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