Extreme Weather Calls for Extreme Protection

Extreme Weather Calls for Extreme Protection

Winter can really take a toll on your vehicle. Keeping it clean is the best defence against wear and tear from the season’s harsh elements.

Sand, salt and de-icing liquids are important road safety measures. However, these products can affect your vehicle’s paint, windows, undercarriage and wheels. Aesthetic damage from rust and corrosion can lead to more serious problems with the exhaust system, brake lines and gas lines.

The CO-OP® Touchless Extreme Wash is one of the best ways to protect your vehicle throughout winter. Our Extreme Wash shines, seals and protects all vehicle surfaces and improves water shedding. With the Turtle Wax Ice Instant Shine and two-step hot bath, you’ll reduce the risk of rust and corrosion as the Extreme Wash cleans the entire vehicle from top to bottom, including tires and undercarriage.

Give your vehicle the five-star treatment with a Co-op Touchless Extreme Wash today. Your car will thank you for it!

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