The benefits of using propane

The benefits of using propane

Since 1967, Co-op has been a trusted supplier of propane, delivering an extensive portfolio of propane services across Western Canada.

A versatile and portable fuel, propane is an economical, safe and reliable choice for jobs big and small. Here’s how Co-op can help you put propane to work.

Propane cylinders

Visit one of Co-op's many locations to purchase a new cylinder or refill an existing one. Cylinders, or tanks, come in a range of sizes and are largely used for outdoor living needs, including barbecues, patio heaters, RVs or heaters for ice-fishing shacks.

Here are some of the benefits of refilling your cylinders:

  • Pay by the pound: When you top up with Co-op, you only pay for what you need.
  • No waste: Unlike exchange programs, refilling a tank allows you to keep any remaining product and avoid over-paying.
  • Recycle tanks: Your local Co-op works to ensure tanks are disposed of responsibly.

Bulk propane

Propane is a diverse fuel that can be used for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes. Today, more and more people are choosing Co-op's bulk propane delivery for the following reasons:

  • Economical: Relative to the cost of electricity, the price of propane makes it a preferred fuel choice – in addition to longer lifespans and lower maintenance costs for equipment typically. We also offer competitive pricing on supply and services.
  • Reliable: Unlike electricity, propane provides an independent supply of fuel that is not reliant on an outside source. Those using propane have peace of mind knowing heating will continue even if the power goes out. Working with our customers, Co-op offers delivery options that work best for them. We can schedule regular deliveries and offer automated tank-monitoring systems that track inventory levels.
  • Safe: Our employees are trained industry professionals who live and work in the communities they serve. Our dedicated team is committed to upholding all industry-safety standards, including completing five-year tank inspections. Co-op responds to propane-related emergencies 24-hours a day.
  • Sustainable: Producing a lower carbon footprint than traditional fuels, propane emits significantly fewer greenhouse gases and harmful toxic substances. Contamination of soil or water does not occur in the event of a leak, because propane turns into vapour and immediately evaporates. Propane autogas is also a green fuel.

    Source: Propane Education & Research Council

  • Convenient: We’re committed to a seamless experience, starting with a full-service installation package that includes permits, utility line locating and trenching. We also offer free competitor tank switch-outs. Orders can be easily scheduled by phone or using the Co-op CRS App.

Co-op Membership Benefits

For purchases through your local Co-op, we also offer the benefits of Co-op membership – including potential for cash back and equity based on annual purchases.

Visit you nearest local Co-op Gas Bar to fill your propane cylinders. For bulk propane, contact your local Co-op or one of our propane branch offices to learn more about how Co-op can help with your propane needs.

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