Did you know that propane can fuel your fleet? With 26 million propane-autogas vehicles on the road worldwide – including 96,000 in Canada – the choice of propane has become an increasingly attractive fuel alternative.

Using propane autogas alone or opting for a dual-fuel system provides many environmental and economic advantages.

Propane can be used to fuel a whole range of vehicles – from taxis and pickup trucks to delivery vans and school buses. Benefits of converting your vehicle or fleet to propane autogas include the following:

  • Unmatched network: Co-op’s network of retail locations across Western Canada provide comprehensive and convenient access to fuel at competitive pricing.
  • On-site storage: Co-op can provide onsite storage options that include tanks, dispensers, crash protection and hands-on training. Tank monitors manage supply levels and delivery demands automatically.
  • Customer service: Local propane branches have knowledgeable and experienced teams that work closely with you to deploy the right solutions for your operation.
  • Environmentally friendly: Propane has a lower carbon footprint, emits fewer contaminants and less harmful toxic substances than traditional fuels.
  • Economical: Propane is an affordable, clean-burning fuel resulting in fewer deposits in your engine and lower maintenance costs.

Propane also has better cold-weather start performance and can reach optimal operating temperatures sooner, meaning warmer interiors for passenger vehicles such as school buses.

More information on propane autogas as a trusted automotive energy option is available from the Canadian Propane Association or by speaking with the Co-op Fuel Team at your nearest propane branch office.

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