Largest Cardlock Network in Western Canada

Largest Cardlock Network in Western Canada

Discover the largest cardlock network in Western Canada, with over 390 locations. Co-op offers a full range of petroleum products and services for businesses at convenient locations. All Co-op Cardlocks locations can be accessed 24-7 so you can fill up when you need.

Great amenities

In addition to around the clock access to fuelling, Co-op Cardlock locations offer road access for high-freight transport vehicles. Some locations may feature fuelling options to get you on the road faster, including satellite dispensers (a second pump for fuelling tanks on both sides of your vehicle) and twin hoses (a large and small nozzle).

For professional drivers who need a break, select local Co-op locations offer restrooms, showers, lounge space, overnight parking and more, so you can hit the road rested and refreshed. Take advantage of convenience stores and 24-hour washrooms at more than 80 cardlock locations, respectively.

For a full list of locations, amenities, safety protocols, fuelling instructions and card management information, refer to the Co-op Cardlock Guide or download the Co-op CRS App.

High-Quality fuel products

Locations may offer various grades of gasoline and diesel, both marked (dyed) and unmarked. The Co-op Refinery Complex in Regina, Sask., has been supplying Co-op Gas Bars and Co-op Cardlocks since 1935. Today, all grades of gasoline are TOP TIER™ certified – a premium standard recognizing fuels that protect engines, improve performance, optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions. At a growing number of locations, TOP TIER™ certified Co-op Premium Diesel is now available to meet demand.

DEF dispensers

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is used to meet emission standards and improve fuel efficiency. DEF dispensers are available at participating Co-op Cardlock locations across Western Canada.

Secure fuelling

Co-op Cardlock Cards can only be used to purchase fuel at locations and require a personal identification number (PIN) to begin fuelling. If the PIN is keyed incorrectly multiple times, your account may be frozen. In the case of theft or loss, Co-op Cardlock Cards can be cancelled immediately.

Cardlock Card vs. Fleet Card

While Co-op Cardlock Cards provide 24-7 access to more than 380 locations across Western Canada, they can’t be used to fill up at a Co-op Gas Bar. If you have a Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) Account, you can opt for a Co-op Fleet Card to fill up at Co-op Gas Bars and Tempo Service Stations across Western Canada.

Local Co-op Account vs. FCL Account

To use a Co-op Cardlock, you must apply for one of two types of credit accounts: Local Co-op Account or FCL Account. There are differences between the two accounts including accessibility, fuel pricing and membership benefits, but the main determinant is where you’ll be using Co-op services. Learn more about the two account types.

Download the Co-op app to access locations and cardlock resources on the road. For more information about Co-op Cardlock Cards, contact your local Co-op or e-mail us.


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