Fuel Your Fleet

Fuel Your Fleet

Take Co-op on the road this year! With a Co-op Fleet Card, your team can fuel up at more than 500 CO-OP® Gas Bars and TEMPO® service stations across Western Canada.


  • Simplify your accounting system, taxes and budget planning by charging all your driving expenses to one convenient card.
  • Receive the option of a detailed weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoice based on your team’s requirements.

Customized Experience

  • Customize the number of cards connected to an account based on your fleet size.
  • Co-op can adapt cards to restrict fuel purchases by time, day or province based on the needs of your team.

Secure Fuelling

  • Co-op Fleet Cards cannot be used to purchase confectionary items, tobacco, gift cards and lottery tickets.
  • Daily reports are available upon request to monitor card activity.
  • In the case of theft or loss, Co-op Fleet Cards can be cancelled immediately.

High-Quality Fuel Products

  • All grades of gasoline are TOP TIER™ certified – a premium standard recognizing fuels that protect engines, improve performance, optimize fuel economy and reduce emissions.
  • • At select locations, TOP TIER™ certified Co-op Premium Diesel is available.

Enhanced Card Management

  • Co-op Card Central offers greater a greater ability for you to manage Co-op Fleet Cards and Cardlock Cards.
  • View transactions online, fuel invoice reporting.
  • Access card-usage data and customize accessibility limits.

To access Co-op Card Central, speak with your FCL account representative.

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