Touchless Car Wash

Touchless Car Wash

Our powerful car wash facilities are gentle on your car and provide a complete clean – even the underside. We have a number of car wash locations across Western Canada providing you with convenience and the peace of mind that your vehicle will look its absolute best!

Regular Wash

Enjoy all the views of those summer and fall road trips with a bug-free windshield, courtesy of Co-op! Our Regular Wash includes:

  • Seasonal bug prep
  • Undercarriage high-pressure rinse
  • High-pressure side blasters
  • 2-step hot soap bath
  • Soft water rinse
  • Clear coat protectant and spot-free rinse
  • An end-of-cycle dryer so your car is ready to hit the road drip-free

Premium Wash

Co-op's Premium Wash is a great choice for any time of year, cleaning up bugs in the summer and mud in the spring. A spin through Premium will remove salt and protect your vehicle's undercarriage in the winter months, too. The Premium Wash includes Regular Wash features plus:

  • Extended high-pressure underbody rinse and side blasters
  • Rust inhibitor to better protect your vehicle
  • Tire and wheel cleaner
  • TURTLE WAX® Triple Shine polishing wax

Extreme Wash

Extreme protection for your vehicle is necessary in the harsh winter months. When sand, salt and de-icing liquids stick to your vehicle, it can cause rust and corrosion to the body, exhaust system, and brake and gas lines. 

The Extreme Wash also provides protection in the summer months from wind, sand, debris and UV rays. Co-op's Extreme wash will keep your ride protected no matter the weather.

Get extreme protection with Co-op's Extreme Wash, complete with these features:

  • All of the Premium Wash features
  • Turtle Wax Pro ICE® Instant Shine that bonds and seals the vehicle's surface to provide the ultimate protection and an extreme shine

Visit your local Co-op today for more details on wash packages and pricing.

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