How to prepare your BBQ for winter

How to prepare your BBQ for winter

Cooler temperatures and shorter evenings are bringing an end to another grilling season.

Yes, winter is approaching, but don’t fret. Spring isn’t that far away (seriously), which means you’ll be barbecuing again in no time. 

To make the most of your next grilling season, take special care to properly prepare your barbecue and cylinder for the winter months. Doing so can vastly prolong the life of your equipment and keep you grilling for years to come.  

Propane cylinder storage

  • Avoid storing your propane tank indoors, including in garages, sheds or basements. Only propane cylinders that have been completely purged and emptied should be stored indoors.
  • Store your tank in a secure and upright position to avoid any damage.
  • The best spot for your propane tank is outside, on a flat surface, away from any pets or children.

Winterizing your BBQ: tips and tricks

  • Remove cooking grates, heat plates and drip trays. Soak in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly.
  • Take special care to remove any grease or food residue from the inside the barbecue using a grill brush. Residual grease can cause corrosion and attract unwanted attention from animals.
  • Apply a light coat of cooking oil to cooking grates, heat plates and warming rack to repel moisture and prevent rust.
  • Clean the outside of the barbecue using a mild cleaning product.
  • Cover your barbecue to protect it from the harsh weather and elements.

Properly storing your barbecue over the winter will enable you to to quickly fire up the grill come springtime. You’ll be happy you put in the work when you get that first taste of summer! 

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