The OEM Seal of Approval

The OEM Seal of Approval

Have you ever noticed an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Seal of Approval on lubricant products and wondered what it means? These are from brands such as Ford, Detroit Diesel, Cummins and other makers of engines used in agricultural and commercial equipment.

Each OEM sets specifications for the equipment it produces, as well as the applications in which they will be used. With these specifications, Co-op works diligently to create lubricant blends designed specifically for those pieces of equipment and applications. Co-op maintains a good relationship with manufacturers, which means our customers can rely on a broad portfolio of lubricants that have that OEM Seal of Approval.

Why does Co-op register products with OEMs?

Registration is completed for products that are commonly used in the marketplace. Receiving OEM approval helps our customers understand they’re getting a top-quality lubricant that is on par with what the manufacturer OEM might make itself. It also helps save our customers time and money when many of our locations are closer to them than to the nearest dealership or service centre.

“We believe OEM registration gives our customers confidence in the lubricant they’re putting into their equipment,” explained Derek Swain, Lubricant Marketing Manager at Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL).

As an example, our D-MO® 15W-40, 10W-30 and D-MO® Synthetic 5W-40 are fully approved for the CES 20086 specification set out by Cummins, the largest diesel-engine manufacturer in the world.

Our diesel engine oils meet or exceed specifications set out by OEMs. Manufacturers are continually changing their specifications to ensure that their equipment is running at its best. At Co-op, we’re always on top of the latest OEM specifications, so our customers can count on up-to-spec oils and lubricants.

OEM Registration and the Co-op Oil Guarantee

Our OEM approvals mean customers do not have to worry about using our oil while their equipment is under warranty.

Co-op Premium Lubricants are approved for the following certifications from:

  • Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association (ILMA)
  • American Petroleum Institute (API)
  • National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI)
  • General Motors dexos 1™ Gen 2 Approved

In addition to registration, every oil product we sell is backed by the CO-OP® Oil Guarantee. Our oil products go through proper testing and blending before being placed on the market. That’s why we guarantee the performance of Co-op Premium Lubricants when they are used in accordance with our recommendations and your equipment manufacturer’s requirements.

On top of that guaranteed performance, we also provide after-sales customer service in case of any issue that falls within the guarantee.

Through the guarantee, we’re committed to ensuring Co-op Premium Lubricants:

  • Meet or exceed OEM standards;
  • Are free from defects; and
  • Protect your equipment from oil-related failure.
  • “The Co-op Oil Guarantee proves we believe in the quality of the products we manufacture and that we stand behind them,” said to Swain.

Have questions about OEM registrations or the Co-op Oil Guarantee? Speak with your local Co-op Fuel Team member, or visit your nearest Co-op location.

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