Simple and convenient fuel delivery

Simple and convenient fuel delivery

During the busiest times of the year, it’s important to know you have fuel when you need it most. That’s why Co-op delivers – and it’s as simple as a click.

Download the free Co-op app today to order bulk fuel, lubricants and propane directly to your operation from participating local Co-ops. The ease of mobile ordering allows you to:

  • Quickly and efficiently order different fuel types, grades and quantities
  • Order additional oil and lubricant products
  • Input location data, additional delivery information and notes about your site

Products available to be ordered from your local Co-op through the app may vary by location but may include clear and dyed diesel, gasoline, lubricants, propane and heating oil.

Once you complete the order form in the app, you’ll receive an order confirmation by email; you may also receive a call from your local Co-op to schedule delivery. We’ll work to deliver fuel as soon as possible.

We recommend customers be present during deliveries. The Co-op Fuel Team member will provide a delivery slip, which identifies the fuel type and volume charged to your account.

Mobile ordering is only available through participating local Co-ops. If the option doesn’t appear in the app, please speak to your local Co-op Fuel Team member.

Larger fuel deliveries

When customers require larger quantities of fuel, they may be able to work with their local Co-op to receive deliveries directly from the Co-op Refinery Complex in Regina, Sask., through what is known as a direct-drop delivery. Requirements for a direct drop include the following:

  • A minimum 25,000 litres of fuel is required.
  • Municipalities must allow delivery units on roads leading to the site.
  • Yards and fuel tanks must be easily accessible by delivery units.
  • Storage tanks must meet requirements (e.g. bottom loading)

We usually make direct-drop deliveries to eligible customers within 48 hours of ordering. The greatest benefit of direct-drop deliveries for customers is Co-op offers more competitive pricing on larger volumes.

Speak to a Co-op Fuel Team member or visit our webpage to learn more about delivery options in your area.

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