Propane for your business

Propane for your business

Discover the benefits of Co-op Propane today!

Propane is non-toxic and insoluble in water making it an environmentally friendly fuel if it is released into water, air or soil. Propane is also 30 to 35 per cent less per litre than diesel so you are saving money when you choose Co-op Propane!

Co-op Propane is fully equipped to handle any size or type of propane installation.

As members of the communities in which we serve, Co-op propane provides customers with the utmost care. All installations are performed by experienced and licensed gas fitters and drivers who receive regular training, using the latest equipment and technology. You can count on reliable delivery with Co-op Propane. Whatever your desired application for propane is, Co-op has you covered.

Fleet and Autogas

Co-op offers propane as a viable fuel for fleets, such as school buses because it holds distinct advantages over transportation traditionally fuelled with diesel. Propane buses emit 80 per cent less smog producing hydrocarbons than diesel-powered buses. Co-op Propane is also non-toxic and insoluble in water. Propane buses have great cold start performance and are 50 per cent quieter than buses fuelled by diesel. Co-op Propane has many filling plant options available for our customers, which are often provided at no charge.


Whether it be generating site power, delivering cylinder or providing heat to your employees, Co-op Propane provides it all for your construction site. Fuel your generator with propane for maximum portability or fill up your refillable Co-op Propane cylinders and tanks to ensure you always have propane on hand.


Co-op Propane provides superior fuel efficiency for agricultural equipment because it is a versatile fuel. Propane is a better alternative to diesel for your agricultural needs because diesel is considered a carcinogen so when children are exposed to diesel they are being directly exposed to harmful emissions. This is not the case with propane. Find out why propane grain dryers are a wise choice on

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