Power and performance with premium diesel

Power and performance with premium diesel

Whether you’re running trucks or equipment, you need diesel fuel that maximizes power output and fuel economy, while maintaining fuel system cleanliness in both modern and legacy diesel engines. At select Co-op locations, Co-op Premium Diesel is available to ensure this, and our new additive package offers real, measurable performance gains.

Diesel that’s miles ahead

Unlike many of our competitors, Co-op Premium Diesel is TOP TIER™ certified. That’s the premium standard for diesel performance, recognized and endorsed by the world’s top automakers and engine manufacturers.

Diesel technology is constantly moving forward with new components needing to operate in challenging environments of higher temperatures and pressure — which fuel additives work to solve. Co-op Premium Diesel helps with many aspects of your diesel engines.

  • More Power

    Commercial and farm equipment testing have proven that you can expect to see increased power from your engine. The commercial1 equipment testing showed up to a 1.7 per cent restoration in power, while the farm equipment2 testing showed up to a 2.1 per cent boost in injector flow and up to 4.9 per cent restoration in power.

  • Extra Protection

    Keeping your fuel system clean and protected is key in ensuring that your equipment runs well. Our Premium Diesel provides outstanding deposit control capabilities and offers corrosion protection, helping to keep critical engine parts and fuel filters cleaner in the long run. In turn, that cleanliness can help to restore engine performance to “like new” conditions.

    Co-op Premium Diesel also contains water dispersants and fuel stabilizers to control moisture in storage and fuel tanks, preserving fuel quality for longer.

  • Better Performance

  • Commercial equipment1 testing also showed up to a 3.6 per cent restoration in fuel economy and farm equipment2 up to a 6.8 per cent restoration in fuel economy. Improved fuel economy not only means better performance, but also means you save money.

    Actual performance improvements may differ slightly depending on the engine type, engine displacement, age of the equipment and driving conditions.

To deliver the best performance, no matter the season, Co-op Premium Diesel is seasonally adjusted more than 24 times throughout the year. During the summer months you’re getting an exceptional fuel with a higher cetane number and better fuel efficiency compared to a standard competitor diesel. It also means you can count on Co-op Premium Diesel all winter long.

Premium without the price tag

Better yet, when you choose Co-op Premium Diesel, you pay the regular diesel price for a fuel that outperforms the competition. Co-op Premium Diesel guards your equipment thanks to its powerful package of additives and detergents. That means fewer expensive repairs and less unnecessary downtime, no matter what industry you’re in.

Ready to make the switch?

The best time to make the switch to a better fuel is now. Co-op Premium Diesel is even proven to restore deposit-related power loss within eight hours of operation3. So, if you’re ready to see improved power, better fuel efficiency and increased fuel system cleanliness, contact your local Co-op or check out our Fuel Product Guide.

1. Leading North American Class 8 OEM Commercial Truck was tested for approximately 10,000 miles on a fixed test route using a diesel fuel treated with a deposit control additive with equivalent performance to Co-op Premium Diesel.

2. Leading North American OEM agricultural tractor was tested using a diesel fuel treated with a deposit control additive equivalent to Co-op Premium Diesel performance over a 3-month period to gather 100 hours of performance

3. Performance shown in leading North American OEM Agricultural 6.8L engine.

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