Commercial accounts for energy products

Commercial accounts for energy products

Co-op supports your business operations by providing credit to approved accounts to help manage expenses and cash flows. A credit account is available from the local Co-op in your region – there are many independent co-operative associations across Western Canada – or Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL).

The difference between the two is primarily related to the geography of your operations.
Review the information below and refer to our Guide to Co-op Commercial Accounts (PDF) for some frequently asked questions about purchasing gasolines, distillates, diesel exhaust fluid, propane and lubricants on credit.


This account is administered by a local Co-op; it provides credit to customers generally operating within a specific region. Administration of this account type may vary from one local Co-op to another, so contact your local Co-op for more details.


How to Apply
Please speak to your local Co-op for more information or to apply. 


Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) administers commercial accounts for businesses operating in multiple regions.


  • Bulk deliveries: Competitive system-wide pricing, invoicing frequency options, automated price change notifications and comprehensive coverage across Western Canada
  • Co-op Cardlock: Competitive system-wide pricing, automated price change notifications, customized product access, invoicing frequency options, transaction reports, security options.
  • Co-op Fleet Card: Invoicing options, transactional reports, security options and Co-op membership benefits, including potential cash back and equity

How to Apply

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