Commercial accounts for Cardlock

Commercial accounts for Cardlock

Co-op offers a full range of petroleum products and services for businesses at convenient locations across Western Canada, including CO-OP® Cardlock locations. All Co-op Cardlocks can be accessed 24-7 so you can fill up when you need.

Co-op Cardlock locations are available 24-7 through two types of commercial accounts, depending on your business’s needs.

1. Retail Commercial Account (green card)

This account is administered by the local co-op in the area. Businesses have access to specific cardlock locations within a defined region. Depending on the local co-op, access to the entire network of over 350 Co-op Cardlock locations may be available.

  • Competitive local fuel pricing
  • Scheduled deliveries on account
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Local co-op membership benefits

2. FCL Commercial Account (blue card)

This account provides access to the entire network of more than 350 Co-op Cardlock locations across Western Canada. This account is administered by Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL).

  • Competitive pricing throughout Western Canada
  • Access to commercial fleet cards
  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly invoicing
  • Automated pricing letters upon request

A commercial fleet card (black card) provides fuel and other related automotive services on account at more than 400 CO-OP® Gas Bar and independent TEMPO™ locations.

Apply for a FCL Commercial Account today!

For more information on commercial accounts, contact

How to activate or cancel your card

To activate or cancel a Co-op Cardlock Card, you will need the following:

  • Your account number
  • Your card number (4-13 digits)
  • Your PIN number

Call our 24-hour toll free number: 1-888-882-5678. Follow the prompts:

• Option 1 to activate a new magstripe cardlock card
• Option 2 to cancel a magstripe or holorithic cardlock card
• Option 3 to change a PIN number on a magstripe card
• Option 0 to reach an attendant or leave a message for all other card inquiries including all cardlock and commercial fleet cards

For more information on Retail Commercial Accounts (green card), contact your local co-op.

For more information on FCL Commercial Accounts (blue card) or fleet cards (black card), email or phone 306-649-5180 or 306-244-3407.

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